Joshua Ketry

Bird Las Vegas 0

Thanks to Justin Streit of Bird Las Vegas! He took me on a full day guided tour of the area, and it was mind blowing. As a guide, he really knows his stuff. I saw 25 or so new life birds, learned a whole plethora of new places and trails and mountains and canyons, and have a new appreciation for a place I already had a great affection for.

If you are ever in Las Vegas and want to see a different side of it, I highly recommend their services. Justin was affordable, and they will pick you up from wherever you are staying.

Bird Las Vegas will have a specific operation laid out to help you see your target species. True pros. Some of our highlight birds were Lewis’s Woodpecker, Male Vermilion Flycatcher, Steller’s Jays, Black-throated Sparrows, Woodhouse’s Scrub-Jays, Cactus Wren, several different hummingbirds and a Sage Thrasher. Bird Las Vegas!