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Group Tours

Group Tour

Do you have a large group that needs accommodating? Bird Las Vegas guides all have experience with leading large groups and can host your gathering no matter what the size. Bird Las Vegas believes that people get excited about birds and learn most efficiently when specific attention is available. That’s why we believe in providing one guide for every four clients, because who wants to get lost in a crowd. Click the link below to get in touch with us and inquire about group rates with Bird Las Vegas!

Half Day

Our half day trips are ideal for those looking to sneak away from the Strip for a few hours. On a half day trip, we can look for classic desert birds such as Greater Roadrunner, Gambel’s Quail, Costa’s Hummingbird, Ladder-backed Woodpecker, and Crissal Thrasher. We typically visit at least two locations during our half day trips. But during migration, it may be worth spending a half day at a single migrant trap for those visiting from east of the Rockies and hoping for western songbirds. Click the link below to get in touch with us and book your half day trip with Bird Las Vegas today!